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These Platform Terms of Use ; Şehremini mh . Necip asım sk . No: 28 Fatih – Istanbul, the resident; Este Çapa Aesthetic & Hair Transplantation Center (Est Platform Çap)   and the real person (ve User ın) who visited the website and concluded the terms and conditions for the utilization of the Services provided and the rights and obligations of the parties.
The User acknowledges and agrees that he / she has read the whole of the Contract, understands its contents in its entirety, and is bound by all its provisions as long as it visits all kinds of digital media of the Platform.

Service / Services:   Content services and all other relevant applications laid down by the “Platform“ on the website, Application and / or other Media, in order to enable the Members to perform the operations specified in this Agreement and the details specified in the website and the Application;
Media ( s ):   Web site where the services will be served, any digital and virtual environment
User ( s ):   Visitors who visited the Service page in all Media and have not yet completed their membership
Member ( s ):   Real persons, legal entities and all kinds of self-employed persons who have access to the channels in the digital environment and pay a price for the purpose of benefiting from the Services or who are members without payment and approved by the Platform.
Website:   www.estecapa.com my domain and sub-domain name of the platform can be accessed from this determined the scope of the Convention “Services” offered by the website or in the digital environment
Application:   Software that should be downloaded from the digital source to the mobile phone in order for the members to benefit from the Services.
Leads:   These include, but are not limited to; Members’ fields of activity, expertise, service areas and all kinds of content that they publish in order to express their opinions
News:   All kinds of written, audio and visual content that the Platform produces or publishes from external sources
Comments:   All kinds of content that members have entered under the Classifieds and / or News
Member Page:   The member’s web site can be accessed with the user name and password specified by him / herself, where he / she can perform the necessary procedures to take advantage of the various applications, campaigns and services available onthe website, and enters his / her personal information and the requested information on the application basis.

3.1 Acquisition of Member status, a legal person wishing to become a member and user of natural persons older than 18 years; It is necessary to approve the Platform Use Agreement on the website and to fill in the actual information in accordance with the information requested in the membership form and to approve and approve the membership application by the Platform. Upon completion of the ratification process and notification to the user, the Membership status starts and the Member thus obtainsthe rights and obligations specified in this Agreement and the relevant sites of the website . The User and the Member are personally liable for any damages that may arise from the failure to make the membership, the non-delivery of the Services purchased, the delivery of the purchased Services to the wrong person, no reimbursement of the purchased Services, any violation of the rights of others, and any other situation. .
3.2 Membership rights and obligations are born only on the person whose membership is approved, and the Member cannot, in whole or in part, delegate these rights and obligations to any third party. Join or form of which is not disputed that belongs to a real person and a request from the platform of the persons concerned in this respect the rights and obligations regarding the uploaded content platform; will be able to conduct identification and individual interviews, to conduct all kinds of investigations in order to reach a decision and to reach a final decision, and only one real person shall be deemed to have the relevant membership account rights and obligations. In such a case, the Platform shall have no responsibility for the unlawfully created membership and / or the content uploaded, or it shall be the person who opens the sole responsible account or uploads the content to the actual right holder.
3.3 user, website or and membership through the Application / or purchase process if he wishes to start including the ones on the website is all you have to bring the necessary legal obligations and procedures, the platform regarding non-fulfillment ofthese obligations and procedures which any agrees and declares that he / she does not have a responsibility. The User / Member shall be liable for all damages that may occur to the Platform regarding the payment to be made of the Services to benefit from the Services.
Ad is only a service to Members. In order to benefit from the User / Member Services, the procurement process must be completed and the content of the advertisements that it wishes to publish must be approved by the Company.   After the purchase, if the advertisements are not approved by the Company for any reason, the service fee will not be refunded and the Member shall be obliged to bring the content to the format the Company deems appropriate.   Following the approval of the purchase of the right to declare members; Must use within 1 (one) year. Declaration rights, which are not used within 1 (one) year, will fall spontaneously, with no need for any consideration.
3.4. The Member shall not be subject to any law or immoral nature such as information, content and images to be transmitted by the Channels and that it is in conformity with the law, defamation, ill-treatment, defamatory declaration, insult, profanity, defamation, threat, harassment. in accordance with the legislation in force does not create any violation of the law, does not cause a violation of rights, the contents of the internet and all the media on the publication of all rights and powers itself is accepted and undertakes. On the contrary, the legal – criminal responsibility for each action and action it carries will be its own.
3.5 The Member shall also transfer to the Platform all other financial rights (processing, dissemination, reproduction and public offering), geographical area, time and media without any limitation to any person or to any other kind that will be provided by him / her. In any kind of transaction, Bilabedel accepts, declares and undertakes to declare irrevocably as soon as possible.
3.6 Any personal information that the Member has shared on the membership account shall be owned by the Platform , provided that the necessary permissions have been obtained . However, in case of request from the competent authorities in accordance with applicable legislation, it will share the membership information with the relevant authorities. This information may be forwarded to other parties in dispute disputes between the members and other users who may be parties to the dispute in order to be able to exercise their legal rights.
3.7 In order to access the Membership Page and perform certain transactions via the Channels, the Member is required by his / her username and password, and the security and confidentiality of such information is at his own risk. The Member states that the transactions performed with his username and password have been realized by himself and that his responsibility arising from these transactions belongs to him; accepts, declares and undertakes that it will not refrain from any def and / or objection on the basis of the actions and transactions performed in this way and shall not refrain from fulfilling its obligations under this def or objection.
3.8. The Platform is the sole owner of all kinds of content contained in the Channels, and any use of these contents in any way unlawful use and in particular the use of any or all of the content within the scope specified below, and the acquisition, copying, processing, use and linking of these contents does not give or consent;
      website “the member or by a third person himself or another person’s database, record or directory to create, control, update, use to change;
      use of the whole or any part of the website for the purpose of spoiling, modifying, reverse engineering;
      False information or using another operation is performed using the user’s data, inaccurate or misleading personal information, residential address, email address, contact, creating unreal user accounts by issuing a payment and account information, and unlawfully using these accounts, website ‘ use of any other user’s account unauthorized or within the scope of these terms of use or membership agreement and its annexes, unauthorized use of another user’s account, substitution by another, or being a party or participant in an incorrect name,
      use of the website or any kind of Application for any illegal or fraudulent purpose,
      Copyright, legally protected or including, without limitation, permission to use, copy, modify, transmit, or replace any or all content of the third party, including personal privacy and broadcasting rights;
      Manipulate the price of any transaction or interfere with other users’ transactions;
      Reviews, answering and scoring system of non-use website and use purposes other than for the purposes of (the competition’s web site in the details, as Members reviews to publish outside the website);
      Spread chain letters or spam ( spam );
      The virus or website, website ‘database, damaging any content contained on the website any further spread of technology;
      Collection of any information, including e-mail addresses, without permissions on Users or Members;
      attempting to provide access to the website in a manner that imposes unreasonable or disproportionately large loads on the communications and technical systems specified by the website, or that interrupt, disrupt, disrupt, alter or alter such communication or technical systems;
      Without the prior written consent of Platform, automatic program on the website, robot, web crawler, spider, data mining (data mining) scan data (data crawling) and so on. “ Screen use of scraping software or systems, and the unauthorized copying, publication and use of all or part of any content contained on the website; Unauthorized use of the website and all content on it is unlawful except for the usage limits specified by this contract; The Platform reserves the right to suspend, cancel and immediately cancel Membership, and without any refund.
3.9 The Platform may use the ve Member / Personal, information declared by the Member , in accordance with the Privacy Policy , for the fulfillment of the obligations set forth in this Agreement and the practices required for the operation of the website and for the purposes of statistical evaluations, advertising, marketing and other commercial communication activities determined by him / her. , and can be shared according to the permission received. The Member acknowledges and agrees that he / she expresses his / her consent to the use and storage of his / her information by the Platform and by confirming the authorized communication text. The Platform shall take all necessary measures to ensure that the information is stored in a safe manner. The member shall have the right to make changes and delete his / her personal information at any time.
3.10 The member will be able to log in to the website, visit the News / Ad Pages, purchase the advertisement and benefit from all other Services by using his / her password. However, in order for the membership to continue and to be able to benefit from the Services, it shall fulfill all the necessary conditions including the payment of the service fee. The membership may be suspended or revoked in the event of any failure to fulfill these conditions or any other necessary platform determined by thePlatform . Based on a platform where it deems necessary justifications, which may prevent the members of the person concerned, to take his suspended membership, the ability to cancel any purchase and cancellation it deems necessary to do   takemeasures .
Members of 3:11, to connect to Conduits and visual installation / indirmev to   times / qualities may vary according to their connection speed. This may affect the performance of the Services faydanlan but by no means the platform will be the responsibility of this situation.   The fees of the member from any device will also belong to him / her.
3. 12   Terms and conditions of service utilization by the Platform   will be announced on the web site and these rules / conditions may be changed on the website if deemed necessary. Members to follow these rules / conditions through the website during the membership relationship   and must obey.
3:13    Membership must be active in order to benefit from the Services and to deliver any purchased services. Membership, Membership page from or to be sent to existing contact address on the site “Leaving Membership” may be revoked at any time by email entitled. However, the cancellation process will be effective from the first month following the approval of the Platform . In the meantime, if the request to leave the communication list has been forwarded, within 3 working days, announcements and communications with sales content will also be stopped. All submissions on the Services purchased, which are mandatory under the legislation, are exceptions to this provision.
3.14 All Advertisements, News and other content to be included in the Platform are for information purposes only and do not constitute medical advice. Este Capa will not be responsible for any content to be uploaded by Members and other 3rd parties as the ground-breaking platform, and will be the person loading the responsibility content. The Platform does not guarantee that the content to be uploaded by the 3rd person and its members is incorrect or incomplete, and is not responsible for the continuous content control. In the event that such situations are detected, information shall be given to him and he shall take the request as soon as possible to the Platform .

A Member may not use the Services, Platform information and the rights of the Platform subject to the copyright of the Platform , images of other Members, resell, share, distribute, exhibit, reproduce, reproduce or prepare works of other Members, or allow anyone to access or use these services. ; otherwise, they will be liable to cover any and all claims , including, but not limited to, the amount of compensation to be requested by the Platform for damages incurred by third parties, including but not limited to licensors, including legal fees and attorney’s fees.

Platform’s ; the software, commercial information, copyrighted works, all trademarks, in-kind and personal rights, commercial information and know-how , including any proprietary and intellectual property rights owned by the Platform, its trademarks, or the website . all rights for a reserved and used without permission.

The Platform may, at its sole discretion and unilaterally, modify this Agreement at any time by publishing it in the Media. The amended provisions of this Agreement shall become effective on the date of promulgation, and the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and shall continue to give effect to them. This Agreement may not be amended by the Member’s unilateral declarations but the Member may at any time exercise the right to terminate, following the contract change, in accordance with the applicable cancellation rules.
The Platform may terminate this Agreement at any time with immediate effect, canceling the Membership without giving any reason or within the framework of the rights set forth in this Agreement.

In all cases considered as force majeure, the Platform shall not be liable for any of its actions determined by this Agreement, late or incomplete or non-performance. In case of force majeure; delays, incomplete or to perform or not to perform or be deemed default or Register for these situations   by The Platform may not claim any right or compensation under any name. Force majeure; natural disasters, riots, war, strikes, cyber attacks, communication outages and access problems from service providers, technical infrastructure and internet malfunctions, improvement or renewal work related to the system, and therefore failures, power outages and bad weather conditions including but not limited to the reasonable control of the Platform and with due diligence.   all events will be interpreted as.

Turkish law will be applied in the application, interpretation and management of the legal relations arising under this contract. Istanbul Central Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized in any dispute arising out of or arising out of this contract.

Member, in its own data base of the platform in disputes arising out of this Agreement, servers holding the electronic and system records, business records, books, records, microfilm, microfiche and computer records valid binding, final and exclusive evidence would constitute, the BER of the bid oath Platform and accepts and undertakes that this article constitutes an evidence agreement in the meaning of Article 19, HMK.

9.      INTEGRITY 
If any provision of this or any expression located in the invalidity of the contract in the contract, violation of the law and the unenforceability shall not affect the force and validity of the remaining provisions of the contract.

Members with when registering with their e-mail address / mobile phone number or website will be established in the means of communication through public disclosure. Communication by e-mail replaces written communication. Keep all your contact information up to date and is the responsibility of the Member to check regularly for disclosure of information on this website.

The User agrees, declares and undertakes to adhere to the provisions of this Agreement as long as he or she visits the Platform through the website or the Application.

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