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What Is Laser Epilation? How Is It Operated?

With the shortest definition, it is a beauty operation to get rid of unwanted hair in our body. In this operation, that is carried out in beauty and esthetics facilities, hair roots are burnt with laser-ray and aimed to be never grown again. Everyone over development ages may use laser epilation. With various of laser machines available, the most widely used and effective ones are Alexandrite and Diode lasers.
Laser epilation is a popular and permanent method used by both men and women to get rid of unwanted hair. Shaving, chemicals, wax, tweezers and epilators can’t provide permanent solution. Laser epilation aims to block the regrowth of hair by destroying hair root with heat.
Laser epilation is a severe work that requires expertise. It is advised to pay attention to hardware and equipment capabilities of the chosen medical facility that may well answer to different type of laser needs.

Alexandrite Laser Epilation
Effects the hair roots in subdermal to block hair to regrow in the applied area.

Diode Laser Epilation
Uses almost the same logic however, with the energy of longer wavelength, it is more advisable to people with dark skin tones. Operations are carried out in 4 to 9 sessions. All sessions must be completed to achieve a more permanent result.

On Which Areas Laser Epilation Is Applicable?

• Armpit

• Genitals and buttocks

• Leg

• Arm

• Face, mustache and side whiskers

Frequently asked Questions

How Should We Prepare Before Laser Epilation?

As laser epilation targets hair roots, tweezers, wax or epilation should not be used on the area for a month before the operation. Expert opinion should be taken regarding solarium and tanning. Recent skin treatments and used medications should be told to the expert.

Post Laser Epilation

Soothing and regenerative creams are recommended after the process. Contact with warm water should be avoided for 24 hours. Tanning and solarium should be avoided for 15-20 days after the process. Skin type, hair type and application area are factors to choose the necessary equipment in laser epilation. Different devices may be needed depending on these factors. System of the devises are different and expected results may not be achieved if the proper device is not used.

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