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What is Eyebrow Transplant? How is It Operated?

Eyebrow transplant is among the most compelling procedures however, the result might be impressive when it is done by the experts.Hair transplant operation involves hair removal from an area of the body and planting onto eyebrow area. Healthy follicles are gathered from the donor area, usually from the back of the head, and transferred to form the eyebrow shape. Eyebrows have a significance as they shape the face. There may be many factors behind losing eyebrows, such as excessive bleeding, sickness,trauma, scarring and genetics.

Eyebrow transplant operations have a process of design just as other hair root transplant operations. Designs are created especially depending on the outcome wished by the patient and discussed by the doctor and patient. If all the details are decided, general appearance is shown to the patient with details. Thus, the first phase will be over. Important point here is the connection between the doctor and the patient and sharing every detail.

Gathering Hair Roots

Same as other hair transplant operations, hair root gathering is a part of eyebrow transplant. Therefore, while hair roots are analysed one by one and gathered delicately, they are gathered especially from the neck area. In hair transplant operations such as eyebrow, hair gathering area is usually neck and temporal sides. Neck is known as the most commonly used area in hair, beard and eyebrow transplant operations.

Is Modification Possible After Eyebrow Transplant Operations?

Yes, patients may appeal to an expert within 12 days for a variety of modifications. If there are points where the hair is more than the patient desired or the wished appearance is not obtained because of hair deficiency, experts will have the chance to modify within 12 days. This period is determined by the effect of the operation and is not arbitrary. Saying that, while it might occur that the modification won't be possible on the 12th day for some patients, for others it may be possible to modify on the 15th day. . This process completely depends on the healing stage and how fast the body accepts the transplant.

Common method for eyebrow transplant is FUE Method. In this method, a needle that has the diameter of of 0,7mm is used. While the needle is pricked into the skin to create a hole, hair root is planted into this hole. Only painful factor might be the needle pricked into the skin, however since the operation is done by a local anesthesia no pain or soreness is felt.

Loss of Planted Eyebrow, Shock Loss Phase

Shock Loss phase occurs for every hair transplant operation. This phase is also valid for eyebrow transplant. A sudden hair loss occurs usually between 2nd and 6th weeks. Patients should not fear this and feel desperate. It is such that even all the transplanted hair might be lost on the shock loss phase. However, once 3 months have passed, hair roots will begin to regrow and eyebrows will start growing. Another point to consider is that the hair growing is observed between 3rd and 8th months depending on the patient. Meaning that while 3 month is valid for some patients, this process may take up to 8 months. Following year after the operation, eyebrows will return to normal and troubles will disappear.

How Long Do the Process Take?

Eyebrow transplant applications are completed in a time depending on the condition of the patient, his/her expectations and the decisions made. Generally taking between 2 and 4 hours, the application process might take longer or shorter considering the details that the patient wishes on the appearance. Another point to take into consideration is the time needed for the applications done by the expert.

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