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What is DHI Method? How is It Operated?

Hair gathered by this method is directly planted into the area. Tools called "DHI Pen" are used in this method where there is no need for a duct. Once the hair is placed in the pens, it is planted directly to the target area. In this method, as the ducts are created in the size of graft, there are less transplant scar and less bleeding.

Hair transplant is done in a gradual way in this method. Stages of DHI are listed as such:

On this stage scalp with a diameter smaller than 1 diameter is removed and gathered with a special tool called "micro motor". It leaves no scar and the gathered hair is ready for immediate transplant.

Hair is placed into pens that contains ducts appropriate for the hair length.

Hair Transplant:
Hair inside the pens are applied directly to bald area thus creating ducts allowing to plant all the hair at the same time. Hair is easily transferred according to the angle and depth in the area.

What are the Advantages of DHI Method?

A special pen is used to fully control the angle, depth and direction of the implanted follicle. This creates a completely natural hair line and appearance. Pens are disposable.
•It is possible to implant the extracted grafts into the receiving area directly. There are no stages of creating extra ducts.
•Crusting, pitting or postulation do not occur.
•It is possible to implant 80-90 graft per cm2 without disrupting scalp blood circulation.
•There is no need to shave, only the donor area will be cut. Healing stage is rather short, and one may return to daily activities immediately.
•Operation takes place with very little pain and bleeding.
•Hair roots will stay forever thanks to the proper genetics and sensitivity of DHI Method.

On Which Areas DHI Method May Be Applied?

•Hair transplant,
•Eyebrow transplant,
•Beard and moustache transplant,
•For people who do not prefer shaving,
•For people who wish to increase the density on the bald area.

Frequently Asked Questions

To Whom Hair Transplant May Not Be Applied?

Hair transplant may not be applied to people whose blood values are not appropriate. Hair transplant may not be applied to people with severe disorders, people whose hair fell completely and people who have trouble with anesthesia.

When Do New Hair Grow After Hair Transplant?

New hair begins to grow 2,5-3 months after the operation. Completion of hair transplant may take up to
10 months or 1 year.

How Long Does Hair Transplant Operation Take?

Hair transplant is a 5-8 hours consuming operation. The patient may return immediately
to his/her daily life.

To Whom Hair Transplant May Be Applied To?

There are no age restrictions for hair transplant operations. Usually, half the men over 45 ages experiences
hair loss. Same problem also happens with women. Hair transplant may be applied both to healthy men and women.

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