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FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the process of getting the follicles one by one by using a special-end micro-motors with local anesthesia and transplant them to the bald areas. Follicles are ensured to grow in their natural direction and angle after transplanted in bald areas with this method. Experienced experts carry out these operations under the name of Este Çapa Aesthetic Center.

In recent days, it is possible to witness that FUE method is the most preferred method in hair transplantation and since this method does not involve any surgical operations, it is also the preference of the patients. This is because although this method is challenging in terms of the practice, it is convenient for the patient and it provides good results. It is possible to realize that newly transplanted follicles, which are in harmony with the natural direction of the hair, offers a beautiful and pleasant image in every sense.

What Are the Causes of Hair Loss?

Hair transplantation is on the agenda of people who experience hair loss and people around them. Because no one may want to have a poor image. This is why hair transplantation services can help those who experience hair loss and feel bad about it. However, basically, why the hair loss is experienced and why the patient had to face with such a condition should be determined;

  • Hair loss can be experienced due to genetics. If there is baldness history in the family, if the father or grandfather had experienced hair loss at a very early age then it is highly possible for the male child to experience hair loss at a certain age.
  • Unhealthy and irregular nutrition is another cause of hair loss. Because vitamins and minerals received from the foods have a great importance for the nourishment, strengthening, and development of hair. However, imbalance, irregularity, and weakness in nutrition can weaken the hair and cause hair loss.
  • The use of intensive jelly-like hair styling products can also cause early hair loss. Because such products include different chemicals and elements that can damage the general structure of the hair. Therefore this is another cause of hair loss.
  • The body and thus the hair may wear due to the various diseases. Hair loss may be observed at this point.
  • Drugs and methods such as chemotherapy, which is used in cancer treatments, may cause hair loss as well.
  • The use of wrong drugs or care products may also cause hair loss. Intensive and faulty use of care products which do not comply with your hair type may also lead to early hair loss.

How Is Hair Transplantation and Operation Procedure in General?

The first step to start this process is the arrival of the patient to an aesthetic center with the request of hair transplantation. What kind of an operation is requested and what matters most will be discussed at this point. After that, the technique will be preferred and the operation will be initiated.

The first practice is consultation. At this point, the hairline of the patient will be planned and it is decided that operation will continue in accordance with this plan.

Then hair of the patient will be cut and local anesthesia will be performed on the patient. An important step will be taken in the operation process with this step.

After that, various follicles will be taken very carefully and precisely from the area that is determined as the donor area. The canalization process will be carried out after this. This canal is for the follicles to be transplanted. And of course, the last stage is the hair transplantation. Hair transplantation will be carried out carefully on the determined area.

In general, during the hair loss process, FUE is the outstanding and popular technique among the hair transplantation methods. This method is often preferred in our country and worldwide. It is because this method has high success rate and provides a great hair look.

What Is FUE Method?

FUE method is valid and effective method although the world of hair transplantation. Hair will be cut in donor area before the follicle removal process in this method where the follicles will be transplanted on the bald areas one by one. Hair, which is shortened to be about 1 mm, will be taken with local anesthetic drugs. Taking the follicles and transplantation of them to appropriate areas will be carried out in a compatible manner.

Micro-motor end, which will center the follicle, is immersed and pulled in line with the angle of the follicle. The follicle will be cut with the surrounding tissue. This cutting process will be carried out in a cylindrical manner. After that, the follicle will be pulled gently with the help of a micro-forceps and it is ensured that the follicle will not be damaged.

The system is carried out with automatic processes and thus time-saving will be ensured. Gently, gathering of follicle units and transplantation of them to the bald areas is possible with quite small holes. There are two or three follicles in each unit.

Why Is FUE Method Popular?

Especially in recent years, FUE method is preferred in many parts of the world. The main reason for this is, of course, the practical practice and the general ratio of the successful results. While it is challenging to have this much success in any of the methods, natural looking and strong hair can be achieved with FUE method since technological innovation and efficient methods are used. This is why many people prefer FUE method. In addition to this, experts advise this method with the precondition of having the necessary technological and technical infrastructure.

On the other hand, another element that contributes to the popularity of this method is the look of the hair. While hair looks like “grass man” when it is transplanted with other methods, it can be clearly observed that hair transplanted with this method look natural and grow in line with the natural direction of your hair.

What Are the Costs of Hair Transplantations?

Although pricing for hair transplantation with FUE method varies from time to time, patient-based pricing is better. Because the history and current condition of each patient are different than each other. Also since the practices may vary, prices may differ.

In order to have a general idea, we can tell you that price is the main reason why this method is commonly preferred. It is possible to find different businesses where operations carried out for all budgets. However what is important is ensuring the support of experienced and educated experts together with the affordable prices. The balance should be well established.

FUE Method and Technical Specifications

There are some specifications for the hair transplantation by using this method;

  • No any tissue is removed in the area where graft has taken, the operation will be carried out directly on the relevant follicle.
  • There will be no stitch or cut observed in the area where the hair is removed. There will be small scratches on the area where the follicles are removed. This mentioned scratches will be recovered within few weeks and no scar will be left.
  • It is possible to use the graft taken from the nape for the hair transplantation with this method and again, the graft can be used for the eyebrow, mustache or beard transplantation.
  • It is possible to take 4000 to 6000 graft from the donor area during a session in line with the amount of the follicle to be transplanted.
  • There are 1 to 3 follicles in the grafts. This means 1 graft hair is about 2 follicles.
  • It is possible to transplant 50 to 60 follicle per square centimeter depending on the number of the obtained follicle and baldness area.
  • Less pain after the operation and fast recovery are the two elements which outstand this method.

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Post-Treatment Process

Firstly transplanted hair will be lost at the end of the first month. The hair will regrow at the end of the 2nd or 3rd month after the hair transplantation. This is why you should keep caring your hair without being demoralized and worried when the hair loss begins. This is probably the most critical period in this process. If the patient will be demoralized and lost motivation by thinking that the practice failed, then the process will get difficult. However patient should know that this is quite normal after the treatment and should take precautions accordingly. The first months are very important for the success of the treatment.

When the whole process is managed successfully, after the first hair loss, you are going to realize that your hair will start to be voluminous at the end of the sixth month from the treatment. It will take 1 to 1,5 years for your hair to gather itself and look better. There will be no difference in style or color since the follicles belong to the patient. Thus, hair transplantation will not be even understood from the outside.

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