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What is Eyelid Esthetic?

Some people may have various eyelid problems whether it is by birth or not. Most common issue might be considered as one eyelid more closed than the other one. Or both eyelids are problematic. All these issues may be corrected with esthetic operations. Especially with eyelid esthetic operations, it is possible to achieve well results in a short period of time.

Most important sign of operation’s success is having equally sized and equally capable eyelids. Most beautiful results may be achieved by the most delicate interventions if there is a visible disruption in the eyelid.

To Which Age Range Eyelid Esthetic Surgery is Applicable?

Sagging that results in vision challenges occur with advanced ages. Of course, while some situations are resulted by outer or birth-related factors, sagging that occurs in time is a sign that this operation may be carried out in advanced ages. It is a statistical fact that most people who apply for eyelid surgery are around 35-40 ages or older.

Important Point Regarding Eyelid Esthetic Surgery

While some points are known to have extra importance for eyelid surgery, below listed points are general notes no keep in mind;

• Local anesthetics is applied during surgery, so the patient is conscious.
• Patient does not feel any pain even though anesthetics is applied locally.
• Eyelid surgery takes around 2 hours.
• Incisions are made through natural lines.
• If incisions are needed to be made for lower lid, it is done right below the eye-lashes.
• Correction of herniated fat tissue, removing extra tissues and other elements are carried out during the surgery.
• Even though main purpose is to protect the fat tissue, they may be removed completely as extra tiredness or cavitation may occur in some people.

Post Eyelid Esthetic Surgery Period

As this is a surgical intervention, a proper planning, design and general process analysis should be discussed with the patient. Then, evaluation of eyelid and are around the eyes begins before the surgery takes place. Being a surgical operation, while it is possible to evaluate surgery equipment, it puts and emphasis on the importance of post-care as there is an incision around the back of eyelid.

Swelling of the eyes 2 days after the surgery is normal. The swellings will begin to resolve after 5 days and be gone completely in 2 weeks. It is the same with bruises.

It is not necessary to stay in hospital after the surgery and healing stage may be well-managed at home.

Now you may take action for this esthetic surgery, which is carried out globally with different techniques.

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