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Relation Between Esthetics and Prominent Ear Problem

Appearance is an important and valuable subject for everyone. While people desire to be healthy, they also want a good looking. That is why some people require intervention on their physical appearance. Elimination of a problem on the face, removal of a visible mark or correction of an organ for instance are good examples for these situations. The structure of ears becomes significant at this point. It may be a bothersome to have a problem with one’s ear and if there is an uncomfortable situation, it must be treated. Prominent ear might be among these situations.

What Exactly are Prominent Ears?

It is in fact incorrect to call this a problem. Because to call it a problem is related to whether a person is happy with his/her appearance. However, if the person is unhappy with his/her ears, prominent ear correction might be operated with some basic touches and applications. It is important for the surgeon to correctly evaluate and share the details with the patient. This will result in creating an easy solution and shared trust situation.

Prominent Ear Form

Prominent ear trouble happens with the ears’ facing outwards and voluminous form. Structural disturbance is eliminated by pinning the ear backwards. Operations may begin by exchanging opinions with the experts. Esthetically desired appearance may be achieved with a successful surgical operation which involves pinning the ear back.

Proper Age Range for Prominent Ear Surgery

Structure of ear in people is completed by the age of 6. Therefore, early operations, especially in pre-school period, stand forward. In addition, such operations provide a psychological relief for children. If a surgery hasn’t taken place at this period, there are no restrictions to have it in the other ages.

Pre-Operation Preparation Period

Asprin or similar medications should be quitted 1 week before the surgery. However, continuously used and critically important medications should only be taken with the doctor’s consent. Quitting these medications should only be with the doctor’s decision.

Even though it is not mandatory, it is advised to quit smoking before the surgery. This way the operation process would continue in comfort.

Wearing comfortable clothes, avoiding jewelry, hair gel and any other factors that would intervene the operation is advised.

Patient should be present at the facility 1 hour before the surgery. This way a more secure process would be followed.

Anyone who wants to consult their doctor, should sentence their complaints and expectation from the surgery. Provided with this, in order to point the exact trouble, medical photographs are taken from 6 different angle. Following, designs and visions of post-operation form is shown. These designs are provided with computer assisted design programs and presented looking just like real photographs. As a result of all these, operation process begins if the mutual consent is achieved. All necessary preparations are made.

Technical Aspects of Prominent Ear Cosmetic Surgery

Some details regarding this operation should be known before the surgery and applications should realized within this frame.

• There will be no visible scar, surgery, incision or stitch mark left.
• Operation is applied through 3 cm vertical cut behind the ear.
• Cartilage is given desired and designed form and this form is protected by permanent stitches.
• Ear skin is stitched by melting-in-time stitch and is covered with bandage.
• Operation lasts between half and 2 hours. (time is dependent on factors such as type, density, amount of the operations to take place)
• Operation may under general or local anesthesia depending on doctor’s decision.
• Patient may leave the hospital right after the surgery.

Post Prominent Surgery Period

Patient’s ear care is significant after the operation. Every patient should follow doctor’s recommendations on post-surgery care and may even check with doctor on specific occasions. Therefore, patient and doctor dialogue are very important in cosmetic operations. Patients should do their part on operations that directly effect their appearance.

Prominent Ear Operations and Successful Results

With the successful result of prominent ear surgery, person’s self-confidence. Because the physical appearance has a great impact on one’s social life and self-confidence. Therefore, a more confident and peaceful character may be the result of achieving a nice appearance with the solution of prominent ear problem. Anyone may consult experts on this subject.

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