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What is dental aesthetics? How to?

It is called treatment method to give an aesthetic appearance to the teeth. Dental aesthetics, which is an aesthetic process that improves the person's teeth (whitening, crowns, veneers, implants, etc.), gums, dental health and general smile appearance, is not common in past years due to both the high cost and limited possibilities. But over the last few years, it has become increasingly popular with advances in technology and access to treatment.

Dental aesthetics are used for factors such as deformations in teeth, deformed teeth, opening of teeth, change of tooth color.

Which Methods are Used in Dental Aesthetics?

• Lamina veneer for teeth
• Full ceramic coating of teeth
• High quality porcelain filling and varieties.

Dental Aesthetics How?

• First, the bacteria in the mouth are cleaned without leaving any trace. The most important point for aesthetics to be extremely successful.

• Gums play an important role in aesthetics. Healthy and symmetrical gums increase the success rate of aesthetics.

• Dental aesthetics begins with smile analysis and the treatment plan is determined accordingly. Physician, computer system with all the smile portrait of the patient. It is an important part of aesthetics.

• Portraits taken from the computer are transferred to 3D or 4D media and the patient's plaster model is taken. How to make an aesthetic is determined by this.

• After these methods, a temporary plaque is created and temporarily (preliminary) is done to the patient. This method is a front view of permanent aesthetics.

• After these methods, a temporary plaque is created and temporarily (preliminary) is done to the patient. This method is a preliminary view of permanent aesthetics • Then, dental aesthetics are designed and applied without any loss of enamel and dental problems....

What is Dental Aesthetics?

Personalized smile design: The most successful result in dental aesthetics is smile design. Comfortable and healthy smiles improve the quality of life.

Gum reconstruction:
For healthy aesthetics, the gums must be symmetrical. In dental aesthetics, the gums can be repaired and symmetrical.

Teeth whitening is the sine qua non of aesthetics.

Composite Bonding:
They are fillings between the teeth cavities.

Restoration of Caries:
Dental caries make aesthetics fail. Repair and restoration of caries is one of the most important rules of aesthetics.

Lamina Veneer:
It is the process of covering the front teeth with porcelain rather than covering all the teeth.

Dental implants:
Implant used in dental aesthetics is an important part of smile, dental health and appearance.

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