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What are Nipple Problems?

3 main nipple problems may be mentioned;

• Multiple nipples
• Collapsed Nipple
• Large Nipple

Mentioned issues are easy to eliminate. However, experienced teams are needed for this. Therefore, with the right steps taken, nipple problems may be eliminated.
Aside from above mentioned main problems, asymmetry of nipples is another category and it is possible to eliminate it with professional operations.

Collapsed Nipple Problem and Its Treatment

Collapsed nipple problem refers to an inward-oriented nipple. This common issue may be eliminated by hand or surgical interventions. At this point, if it is solved by hand and does not collapse back in time, the problem will be therefore eliminated. If the same problem rises back, surgical interventions like tissue addition may be carried out to pop the nipple out. Tissues to be used are extracted from breast area.

Large Nipple Problem and Its Treatment

Large nipple problem may cause discomfort in women. Because this type of nipple is extra revealing. And it is hard to say that these nipples are esthetically attractive. Therefore, reduction of these points to a normal level is wanted. Surgeons play a great role in this area. With the proper operation, the problem is eliminated.

Boob Reconstruction with Implants

Boob reconstruction applications with prothesis are preferred from time to time to eliminate nipple problems. Especially when operating breast reduction or enlargement, to achieve a symmetry or put nipples esthetically forward, proper methods are applied.

Nipple Care Process

Whether it is hand correction or surgical intervene, women should pay attention to doctor’s advices on post-operation process. This is necessary for health and to obtain a great form for the breast in short time. Therefore a healthier and more attractive appearance is achieved.

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