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What is Breast Reduction Operation?

As it is commonly known, there are some aesthetical aspects of women beauty. There are some details that makes women attractive such as nice buttocks, breast area, body type and legs. Breast is an important one among these elements. However, it may occur sometimes that over-sized breast may not be so much liked. Too small or too big breasts may physically and psychologically affect women. Physical complaints, inability to make any kind of sports and facing difficulties in any kind of physical activities may occur. And it is obvious women are keen on having a breast reduction operation when these situations are faced.

Breast reduction operations are one of the most frequently used operations in the recent years. Most critical parts of the operation are technical works, used materials and choosing the right method before the operation. This way over-grown or ill looking breasts are reduced in size.

What is Breast Reduction Operation?

Breast reduction operations should not be applied to every person in demand. Instead, these points should be considered to make a healthy decision;

• Person should be older than 18. Because breasts growing lasts until this age.
• Parental consent is necessary for people under 18 who seek expert help with the complaint of virginal hypertrophy.
• Person should not be in menopause.
• Women who had just given birth or are breastfeeding, should wait 6 months after the breastfeeding is over.
• The operation is applied more easily on people with tight breast tissues.
• People with slim body and without excessive weight are more eligible to this operation.

What Should Patients Do in The Morning of Surgery?

As in all other operations, there are some factors that the patients should pay attention before the operation;

• Patient should not eat or drink anything 6 hours before the surgery.
• Patient should be present at the facility 1 hour before the surgery in order to receive anesthesia.
• Though it is not mandatory, avoiding make-up, jewelry, watch etc. should be preferred as it will make the surgery more comfortable.
• Person is expected to meet the experts knowing the desired breast type because breast reduction operations are personal and therefore, patient’s ideas are important.
• Drawing blood is not necessary for this surgery, however, if ongoing operations or treatments are valid, the doctor’s opinion should be taken on the necessity of blood.

Technical Aspects of The Surgery

Breast reduction surgery begins following the application of anesthesia on the patient. However rare it may be, sometimes local anesthesia may be applied on the operation.

The decisions made by expert doctors are important and personally tailored esthetic applications are applied following the general forms and designs created before the surgery. Operation requires a careful work and will take between 2 and 7 hours. The factor that requires most attention and effort is to leave no surgery marks.

Importance of Pre and Post-Surgery Idea Exchange with Experts

It is a fact that some women need less larger breasts whether it is aimed to create a more attractive look or to treat health issues. Therefore, they require the assistance of breast reduction surgeries. At this point, field experts and successful esthetical surgeons take place. Exchange of opinions between the patient and experts happens by the very beginning of operation process in order to provide women with the desired size and form of breast. After this, surgical operations begin. Some points are covered on the exchange sessions such as previous disease records, medicine usage, breastfeeding etc. All this information should be shared with the experts.

Which Cases Require Breast Reduction Surgery?

As the desire to be found desirable is totally normal and natural, it is only logical that people have such feelings. The important point here is to eliminate the emotion and idea of feeling ugly or bad from time to time. Because things may get vague as people begin to feel desperate. People with low self-esteem may become unhappy and anxious. That is why esthetical operations become valuable. If people are unhappy with their body parts, the reasons behind it should be eliminated. Experts are here to help their patients in this aspect. Breast reduction operations for men and women get the attention at this point. The subject also has importance for men even though it is more valuable to women.

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