Breast Lift

What is the Aim of Breast Lifting Operations?

Voluntarily or not, women perform many actions during a day with beauty and esthetical concerns in mind therefore, this situation may be more appealing to them. However, both in health and esthetical aspects, there may be some problems on the way in time. Some applications may be carried out to fix those problems. Esthetical touches may be performed if necessary. Breast have a great impact on women’s appearance and may be operated by surgeons properly on a problematic situation. Important factor here is the women’s desired shape of breast and how they will feel afterwards.

Why Do Breasts Sag?

Breast sagging, the main reason of breast lifting operations, may be caused by various reasons;

• Growth and for lose during and after pregnancy
• Growth in size caused by medications that stimulate hormones.
• Approaching belly area as muscle tissues get weaker and breasts lose their elasticity.
• Losing form as a result of excessive sunlight or skin drying

However, even though these look-like various reasons, the main reason is loosening connectives that attach boobs to breast area. Because mammary gland, fat tissue and skin sag together.

Post-Operational Process in Breast Lifting

Of course, with the successful outcome of the operation, breasts will have a lifted form. Point to pay attention at this stage are taking extra care of the breasts, keeping hygiene level high to fasten healing. This ensures a well process management.

Using a corset bra is recommended for 6 weeks after the surgery. Because immobility is compulsory for a better healing process. In addition, avoiding heavy work is necessary. Generally, the patient may return to daily life in 3 or 4 days after the operation which is carried out in a day.

Lifted, alive and voluminous breast will boost the confidence level in women. Women will continue their lives in the most satisfied way with attractive and beautiful appearance.

Techniques of Breast Lifting Operations

Applications carried out and small incision marks name the breast lifting techniques. Those names are;

• Donut Technique

• Anchor Technique

• Lollipop Technique

Technique is chosen depending on the application, person’s thought of surgical marks and breast form.

Frequently asked Questions

What Happens During Operation Process?

As it is known, every esthetical intervention is made parallel to patient’s desires and doctor’s capability. Consultation stage should take place before the surgery. Therefore, right steps should be taken in breast lifting esthetical operations and ideas should be shared about expectations.

What is 21 Cm Rule in Breast Lifting?

The distance between nipple and sternal notch should be 21 cm. The distance may vary but generally differs from 18 to 22 cm. The aim of breast lifting operations is to protect this distance to provide a more appealing physical appearance.

To Whom Breast Lifting is Not Advisable?

  • Women who smoke excessively
  • Women who take blood-thinning medication
  • People with diabetes

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