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Why is Breast Enlargement Operation Necessary?

Breast area is highly important for women. Because it is a critical part of general appearance. Therefore, any vulnerabilities regarding this area or problems may be eliminated by aesthetical interventions. It is quite normal to consider breast enlargement operations if the volume of the breast does not satisfy the person. Many women often seek aesthetic surgeon’s help in this point.

Almost every person pay attention to some elements to achieve a better looking. At this point, some aesthetic operations become valuable. Because it is an important issue to alter a part of the body in a desired way to create a better looking. It may be seen that women might require such aesthetic operations. Breast form, breast size may be the subject of these aesthetical touches.

What Are the Main Features of Breast Enlargement Surgery?

As it is for every surgical operation, there are some facts to put our attention. Facts listed below should be learn before surgery;

• Breast surgery is not obstacle to pregnancy. However, for safety issues it is healthier to wait 6 months after the surgery.
• Breast enlargement surgery may cause a temporary numbing around the nipple area, but permanent numbness ratio is 1 percent.
• If the breasts are both small and sagged, lifting operation may be carried out with enlargement.
• Implantation of breast prothesis surgery takes around 2 hours.
• While silicone-based breast prothesis is preferred widely, sometimes physiological saline solution based prothesis may be preferred.
• Even though experts try to perform the operation without leaving any scars or incision marks, depending on patient’s demand and prothesis’ situation, incision spot check may be applied.
• Being present at the facility 1 hour before the surgery is recommended.

Are Breast Enlargement Implants Healthy?

Breast implants are important for breast enlargement. Over the years, there have been many doubts regarding these implants. However, it is easy to say those prothesis are harmless and if certain elements are taken care of, there will be no troubles.

• Breast implants are proven healthy after certain research. Questions about whether it causes breast cancer or not are answered with these researches.
• The reason behind using silicone for breast prosthesis is the rare occasion of allergic symptoms. Therefore, silicone is considered as one of the most proper material and prosthesis are produced in this aspect.
• Even though breast prosthesis is safe and healthy, it is obligatory to choose the best brand silicone prosthesis.

Frequently asked Questions

What is The Proper Age Range for Breast Enlargement Surgery?

Breast enlargement surgeries may be operated 2 years after puberty, around the ages of 20. Of course, the physical condition and development pace of women are affecting elements on surgery decision. However, this age is generally valid.

How Is the Prosthesis Placed in Breast Enlargement Surgery?

  • Placing through inframammary line
  • Placing through areola
  • Placing through axillary cavity

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