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What is Obesity Surgery?

There are many obese patients around the world. These patients try to lose their weight using numerous methods. While the subject is to intervene the patients’ digestive systems to help them lose weight, all these interventions to reduce the food uptake and emission are called obesity surgery. In some places, these operations are called bariatric surgery.

Obesity is a severe medical issue started to be seen in many communities in the World as unhealthy and irregular eating habits are getting widespread. This issue, faced by overweight people who have difficulty in losing weight, is tried to be relieved from by various methods. However, finding the right and direct method is necessary. At this point, while some operations stand out, “obesity surgery” becomes prominent as on of the most popular operations.

Important Points Regarding Obesity Surgery

Obesity surgeries are amongst serious operations just like other surgeries. Therefore, patients should especially pay attention to some specific points.

• Pretty permanent and certain results are achievable by obesity surgery. It is compulsory that the patient is aware that he/she is undertaking a serious operation and should behave accordingly.
• In the rest and healing stages in post-surgical process, patients should strictly obey the recommendations of experts. Patients are expected to perform their part of the duties especially regarding nutrition and exercise.
• Weight losing pace is rather high after this surgical operation. However, in order to protect the achieved weight, a certain level of intervention on the patient’s lifestyle is necessary. Permanent success should not be overshadowed by some habits.
• Obesity surgery is of course affected by technological developments. Especially in the manner of new developments and different methods, high quality and fine interventions might be achieved. For instance, closed laparoscopic method is being used in recent years and it is noticeable that the patients quickly recover and return to their daily routine.
• On the other hand, obesity surgery is an operation that has gotten quickly popular. Because the post-operational risks are reduced and the surgical process is fairly comfortable. In addition to these points, after a successful surgical operation, other medical issues that the patient faces that are caused by obesity may be relieved from.

How Many Types of Obesity Surgery Are There?

Surgeries in the field are twofold. These surgery types may be explained as;

1. First type of the surgery is about reducing the stomach volume with restrictive surgeries. Main concern of this intervention is to reduce the amount of food that reach the stomach as well as reducing the food patient consumes.
2. The second type of the surgery is related to emission. In surgeries that are operated to reduce the emission, a part of intestines is removed. This is also a preferred method.

Obesity is a severe health issue. It is not only about physical appearance but also physical discomfort. For instance, some discomforts and diseases such as high blood-pressure, depression, impotence, insulin resistance, sleep apnea, high cholesterol and respiration diseases may be related to obesity.

What is Gastric Banding Surgery?

Taking between 1 and 2 hours, this procedure is operated to restrict the nutrition uptake. Gastric banding surgery, applied to create a solution to obesity, is operated with laparoscopic method. Trauma risk is considerably low as the patient is anesthetized.

An inflatable band is attached to the upper side of stomach in this surgery. This way stomach is divided in 2 sections. A small channel is left between parts, where the upper part is left smaller and the below part bigger.

After gastric banding surgery, the risk of any complication and infection is rather low. It may even be possible to remove the band in future to emphasize the comfort level of this surgery.

Post-surgical hospital stay term is not too long. The patient will be discharged from the hospital once the healing indications are started.

It occurs that the patient will be quickly full after the gastric band surgery. It is even so that the patient may lose the quarter, half and even more than half of his/her total weight. This way obesity issue gets a solution.

What is Gastrostomy (G-Tube) Surgery?

Also known as stomach reduction operation, gastrostomy surgery is operated to restrict food intake. It is possible to surgically remove up to 75% of the stomach with this operation. In addition to this, the rest of the stomach is tied to the intestines. This part is the left thin and long part.

The difference between this operation and gastric banding surgery is that there is no chance to return back in this surgery. Because while it is possible to remove the gastric band in future, the presented operation involves surgically removing the stomach. Therefore, absolute confidence and exact decision is a must in this surgery.

Closed methods are applied in this operation. For this reason, the healing stage is faster and the patient may return to social life with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

To Whom Obesity Surgery is Applied To?

People who have hard time losing weight even though they do not have any hormonal disorders or people who did not benefit from other treatment methods might use these methods. However, an expert opinion is still necessary.

Is there an age limit for obesity surgery?

These methods may be applied if the person is between 18 and 56 years old and his/her body mass index ratio is higher than 40, various obesity related disorders are faced and the person does not alcohol or substance abuse.