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Why Liposuction is Necessary?

The fat removal operation, which is known as liposuction, is carried out under different names from time to time. For example, it is possible to find out terms such as Lipoplasty and Liposculture, that are used to name the operations.

The fat tissue under the skin will be absorbed with the help of the cannulas in liposuction. Canullas can be described as hollow tubes which the largest one is in the same size with a pen. These cannulas (tubes) is inserted through the small incisions on the skin, and no scar will occur on the skin since these incisions are only a few millimeters. Another device that is connected to the cannulas from the back will serve as an aspirator and it allows vacuuming. The absorption will be provided from the drawbar pull. While the fat removal operation can be carried out without this device, the method selection in here totally depends on the surgeon.

Liposuction can be expressed the “operation for fat removal”. Getting the accurate information on this operation will relieve the patients and their relatives.

Who Can Prefer Liposuction?

The main purpose of the operation is to remove the fats that are gathered in a specific area. People cannot lose weight although they are on diet or exercise. Liposuction operations are in question at this stage. Especially women cannot get rid of their fat in some regions due to the hormonal causes.

On the other hand, the only liposuction may not be enough for patients who lost their skin elasticity. Because the skin should be tightened and renewed after the fat removal. This is why there may be a need for additional procedures for the patient. Thus additional procedures may be applied to the patient on the same session. Removal of the loose skin or tightening of the loose skin with laser is some of these methods.

Which Areas Does the Liposuction is Suitable For?

Of course, fat removal can be conducted on any part of the body. However, some parts are quite suitable for the operation. And some parts are not that much suitable.

The most suitable areas for liposuction operation in men are the waist, abdomen, and neck. These operations are a lot easier to carry out and they provide better results.

The most suitable areas for liposuction operation in women are the abdomen, waist, hip, inner knee areas, inner leg areas, upper leg, ankle joints, neck, underarm and back.