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Leg Aesthetic Practices

Legs are one of the most outstanding parts of our body. This is why the look of their legs is a very important issue for women. There may be some problems on the legs in terms of the aesthetics due to passing time. Especially sagging and fat are among the biggest problems. This case is not a case that can be eliminated with exercises. Leg aesthetics stands out as a method which can be applied in order to eliminate this situation. Leg aesthetics is the fastest and efficient way to have more tight and good looking legs.

Leg Aesthetics with Fat Injection

Today, leg aesthetics is carried out with two methods. One of these methods can be preferred in line with the leg structure of the patient. The first methods, which is also the most preferred, is the fat injection. It is an application which includes a natural and quick procedure. Since there are fats on any part of the body, the transaction can be carried out. It will be possible to have healthier and good looking legs after the fat injection.

Leg Aesthetics with Silicone

Leg silicones are made with silicones, which are specially prepared for the leg aesthetics. It is possible to use these silicones with general or local anesthesia. Thus the surgery will be carried out painlessly and quickly. The quality and consistency of the silicones are very important. This will directly affect the results of the operation.

After the Leg Aesthetics

Leg aesthetics is an application which the patients feel comfortable after the application. It is possible for patients to continue their daily activities after this operation. Patients who are discharged from the hospital after the operation can take bath on the same day. It is recommended to wear tight socks for the patients to keep their legs in good condition for three weeks after the operation. Leg corset or socks have a great importance in order to prevent edema and let the silicones adapt the body. There may be minor bruises on the body after the fat injection. These will recover in a short time. These bruises will be fully recovered at the end of the three weeks and the patient will fully recover.