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What Is Genital Aesthetics? How Is It Operated?

Genital aesthetics are some of the most progressive processes under cosmetic surgery. Designed to evaluate the effects of life, aging, genetics and other changes, genital aesthetics surgery may affect your physical appearance, comfort and sexual satisfaction drastically.

Genital aesthetic operations are more popular amongst women than men. There are aesthetic operations to correct deformities in genital area, labial reduction, excessive swelling, aging related issues, vagina tightening surgery etc.

On Which Occasions Genital Aesthetics Is Necessary?

• Deformities in vagina that is caused by birth-giving,
• Abnormalities in vagina as losing shape and esthetics after giving birth multiple times.
• Excessive growing of vagina lips caused by deformations in vulva,
• Deformations after painful births,
• Losing sexual satisfaction and vagina esthetics caused by incisions on vagina during painful birth sessions,
• Sagging in uterus and urinary incontinence because of abnormalities in urinary bladder.
• Hymenoplasty surgery.

What Is Included in Genital Aesthetics?

It is a popular surgical operation where vaginal space is tightened to add rigidity and tone to the body. Many women face vaginal looseness and losing tone related to aging, birth, hormonal changes or birth-defects. Vaginoplasty as a reconstructive surgical operation is also called as vaginal rejuvenation and gaining popularity. Weakened vaginal muscles may cause sexual disorders, emotional insecurity, displeasure or even pain during sexual intercourse. There are many benefits that make this esthetic operation appealing to women who’s had vaginoplasty.
Lose of sensitivity and sexual pleasure is one of the biggest losses that women face as the vaginal walls get weaken. In addition, women may become self-conscious as loosened vaginal walls may cause this experience less pleasurable for the both parts.

Is an aesthetic surgery aimed to reduce the size of labia minora, skin flaps that are on both sides of the vagina. It is normal to have curves around a vaginal gap. In most cases this does not cause a trouble. However, after inner lip growth, troubles may rise and labiaplasty esthetics may be required. Labiaplasty may be carried out under general anesthesia, sedation or local anesthesia. Vaginal lips are shortened or reshaped. Unwanted tissue is removed by surgical or laser methods and loosened sides are stitched by thin, soluble stitches.

Clitoral Hoodoplasty:
Known also as clitoris esthetics, clitoral hoodoplasty is a surgical intervention performed to create a better appearance for the vagina by protecting clitoral prepuce. Clitoral prepuce is overlapping skin curve on clitoris that is also known as clitoral hood or clitoral skin. Clitoris esthetics is performed by removing excessive skin on the clitoris area.

Is the treatment of disruption, tearing on the perineum area during birth. Troublesome, excessive or painful births may cause severe deformations on the perineum area. The purpose of perinoplasty is to correct the deformations and gain esthetics.

G-Spot Augmentation:
Is a non-surgical, easy treatment lead by a doctor to increase grafenburg spot (G-Spot) in sexually active women. The aim is to enlarge the G spot.

Hymenoplasty Surgery: :
Hymenoplasty is an aesthetic method to correct the virginal membrane. Correction of virginal membrane may be performed for various reasons. Hymenoplasty is the surgical correction of a membrane that partly prevents vaginal opening. Virginal membrane may be damaged because of hard exercises or placing tampons. Under these circumstances, it is possible to reconstruct the membrane with hymenoplasty.