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Abdominoplasty Surgery

There are many aesthetic problems in the abdominal region after the pregnancy or weight loss. The skin in the abdomen sags and deforms. This is why partial or full abdominoplasty operations are carried out. Also, fat removal (liposuction) or fat shaping (liposhaping) operations are carried too when they are needed.

How Is Abdominoplasty Carried Out?

Today, abdominoplasty operations offer quite effective and fast results. The region will be stretched with the removal of the fats accumulated in that area. The skin surface will be healthier and look better when compared to the past after the excess skin will be corrected. The most accurate decision will be taken by examining the skin structure and abdominal area before the operation. It is a procedure that is completed with quite easy and simple steps. The pain of the patient will be eliminated with the painkillers provided with serum after the operation. The patient will be discharged in about 1-2 days.

Things to Know About Abdominoplasty

It will be possible to meet the expectations of the patients thanks to the advanced techniques of today. In general, the operation lasts about 1-2 hours which is carried out under general anesthesia. The abdominal area of the patient will be narrowed thanks to the stitches that will be carried out on the abdominal muscles of the patient. The look of the patient is positively affected by this procedure that is known as rectus plication. Also abdominal and herniated hernias are also intervened in the same session. So, many interventions can be carried out on the patient in a single session.

After the Abdominoplasty

Patients should pay attention to some things after the abdominoplasty application. In this way, it will be possible to have a better recovery period after the operation. The patient should avoid lifting heavy goods for a while. An average of 6 months should pass in order to let the body fully recover and feel the changes. You can have a tight image by letting your body recover quickly at the end of this period.